Mr. Andre van Wyk, a Fake Private Investigator, tried to attack the businesses for Foreign Investors in the Republic of South Africa and any competitors of the Gupta Family, while working undercover for the Gupta Family performing Shady Activities for them.

On Wednesday, 11th December 2013, he came with the Police to close my business stealing Sensitive Documents and Information, Computers, Petty Cash along with many other items including the all the contents of my two Houses, one in Melrose and one in Woodmead (Situated in Johannesburg), without a Court Order or Search and Seizure Warrant, to which I objected to his demands and attitude, he informed me that I didn’t want to be a partner with Mr Mahesh Gupta and will now suffer the consequences of that decision.

He announced to everyone on the same day that he is working with the South African Hawks of the South African Police Service (The Hawks are South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation which targets organized crime, corruption, and other serious crime) to which Mr. Andre van Wyk is Not a Member and is a Fake Statement to make, he used the name to Intimidate, Threaten and to Mislead members of the general public.

Mr. Andre van Wyk, didn’t stop with just Email and SMS correspondence, he also Ignited, Fuelled and in his own words “Spear Headed” his Destructive Campaign in the form of Targeted, Pre-Planned and Deliberate Slanderous Attacks against myself and my company, by utilising the Media and Press, detailed in many News Paper Articles, Travel Magazines, Internet Posts, Blogs, Social Media and others, All Orchestrated, and in some cases even Paid-For Advertisements and Articles while working with and for the Gupta Family.

While utilizing all my Sensitive Company Documentation and under the name of the Hawks and as a Fake Private Investigator, Mr. Andre van Wyk distributed information to the General Public about my overseas companies by sending my client’s Email and SMS messages informing them of Misleading and False information.

Mr. Andre van Wyk also distributed these Emails and SMS’s under False and Illegal pretenses of Two Different Companies claiming that he was instructed to do so by his own Authority as a Private Investigator.

My own overseas investigation team discovered that he is a Fake Private Investigator, he does not work for the Hawks or for any other company and we discovered that Mr. Andre van Wyk sells weapons across the South African border illegally and he is the Gangster for the Gupta Family working undercover in South Africa.

With the help of my overseas investigation team, we wanted to Arrest Mr. Andre van Wyk and take him to Egypt in accordance with the International Law to proceed with charges against him however Mr. Andre van Wyk has “Run Away” and gone into “Hiding” as a Wanted Man to face charges for All his Illegal Involvement and Activities. He is a wanted man by Local and International Authorities.

Once Mr. Andre van Wyk realised he was a Wanted Man, he sent the below email correspondence in a Desperate Attempt to Free Himself of all his illegal activities knowing that he was now a Wanted Man:

Email correspondence, From: “Andre van Wyk” Dated: Wednesday, 04 February 2015

“Dear all

I will like to update you about an urgent development, I am going to be withdrawing from this ATL matter. I am doing this as it has finally dawned on me that I am being used by some big companies, travel agencies, ASATA, TNW news and the team at the Rosebank Police Station to bring down ATL Tours and Mr Ahmed Talaat. I have realized that these group have been planning to destroy ATL Tours and Ahmed for months as he posed a significant threat to their business interests. This plot I have come to discover goes beyond what anyone can imaging and there are very strong players involved.

I came to know about this matter through one of ATL Tours client who hired me and asked me to assist him to get to the bottom of this matter. I proceeded with him to the office of ATL Tours and found other clients there who were also there to ask questions. I interacted with these other clients and subsequently went with them to Rosebank Police Station. At Rosebank Police Station I offered to assist the team with the investigations, and they agreed. I was even asked to unofficially spearhead the investigations. At the time I was given the impression that their powerful entities who wanted to see justice done and that I will be well financially rewarded for my efforts not to mention the enormous boost my company Forensic Data Solutions will get from this endeavour.

Right off the bat though I noticed irregularities with the way the matter was being handled. All the while Ahmed was defending his company no docket was produced to the court and investigations were not even being properly done. I was the one who assisted the commercial division of the SAPS to build and compile the docket they have now even though legally I was not mandated to do that. I spent a lot of the donations you all provided me to secure information documents and affidavits which are now contained in the commercial court docket. There is no case here at all but the whole thing was handled poorly and transformed into a fraud matter by prosecutor Hermanus with his team. All the affidavits obtained from other public institutions are not true to the fact, they were obtained by the team at Rosebank police station.

At this point, I will like to state that I am not the one who took the keys from Ahmed’s PA Miss Jane Santos to search his office. This was done by the Rosebank saps team who were allowed into the premises by David the security manager at Rosebank Mews Mall after they paid him. The Rosebank Police took all the computers and Laptop from the ATL Tours office. Ahmed lawyers Mr Gwe, Mr Rauol as well as Mr Nadeem were also conniving with the police and Mr Nadeem was the one who went to Ahmed’s residences even after Ahmed had fired him to steal two luggage’s and some huge amount of monies which Ahmed kept on the premises. The caretaker of one of the premises saw him and also caught him on CCTV. I am also not involved in the plot to kill Mr Ahmed Talaat, I don’t know anything about this.

I will like to state at this time that I also believe strongly that some of the employees of ATL Tours were paid to sabotage the company from inside. Due to all this new information that has come to my knowledge, I cannot, in all honesty, continue with this matter. I know most of you have supported me financially throughout the following months. I will do my best to refund your monies as it is the right thing to do. 80% of the funds have already been spent and I apologize for unknowingly furnishing you with false information regarding ATL Tours. Thank you for your understanding.”

Until next time

*Andre van Wyk*

*Senior Investigator*

*Forensic Data Solutions *

(FDS) Tracing – Background Checks (Individual/ Company) Investigations – Criminal & Financial Bodyguards – Venue Control.

Due to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), I have removed the Email To Address Details that Mr. Andre van Wyk clearly made visible in the above original message.

The above email message was Recorded in the SCCC before the Learned Magistrate Mrs Bonnita Oswell, the Minister of Police General Bheki Cele, the National Police Commission General Khehla Sitole and the National Director Of Public Prosecutions National Prosecuting Authority Advocate Shamila Batohi through the Egyptian Embassy in the Republic of South Africa.

On behalf of My Family, My Employees and All My Partners Locally and Overseas, I wish to point out a special thank you to the Egyptian Government his Presidency Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Egyptian Embassy in South Africa his Excellency Mr. Sherif Issa, the Egyptian Consulate his Excellency Mr. Mohamed Hassan, the Egyptian Consulate his Excellency Mr. Ahmed El Saed, the First Secretary his Excellency Mr. Karim Elkhashab, the South African Government his Presidency Cyril Ramaphosa and all his new cabinet, the Minister of Police General Bheki Cele, the National Police Commission General Khehla Sitole, the Minister of Justice Honourable Ronald Lamola, the Chief Justice Honourable Mogoeng Mogoeng, and the National Director Of Public Prosecutions National Prosecuting Authority Advocate Shamila Batohi, who all assisted in their profession in strengthening South Africa as a whole in Promoting and Defending all International Investors, Routing-Out Corruption at every level and Prosecuting those Guilty.

If anyone requires any copies of the documentation relating to the above, kindly contact me directly.

On a Personal Note: I wish to encourage All South African’s to continuously sustain and encourage the growth of South Africa and the Tourism Industry. With us, you can rest assured that I will do my best to encourage and grow the Tourism Industry in the Republic of South Africa to the benefit of all.

Thank you kindly for all your ongoing support.

Ahmed Talaat
President & CEO
+27 (11) 681 6417