On Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 I sent a letter to The Hated Blog on WordPress with Reference Number: AMW/ATM/20200422/24/100, consisting of 04 Pages detailing a Fake Blog published since Tuesday, 10th December 2013 by a “Hidden Individual” until up to date. I believe the information contained on this Blog is INACCURATE AND OVERLY DEFAMATORY. I understand that it has been a long time since the publication of these articles. STILL, THIS UNSUBSTANTIATED STORY AND THE VERY NATURE OF THE INTERNET CAN POTENTIALLY FOLLOW ME AND MY COMPANIES FOR LIFE.

I find it inappropriately rash of your publication to keep this Blog Active in the way you do. This Blog contains general misinformation about my organisation’s business model, calling into question the CEO and my organisation’s ethical practices and standards and overall poor research methodology and writing standards.

I believe that this PARTICULAR DEFAMATORY Blog might expose you to potential liability, and it should please BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED.

The story in question contains information that is FALSE, UNFAIR, DEFAMATORY AND ACTUALLY CREATES A FALSE IMPRESSION ON ME as the CEO and my companies. NEWS ORGANISATIONS’ PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY IS TO REPORT OBJECTIVELY; however, your publication did not seek to contact me and verify the information before going live.

This Blog’s BIAS LIES not only in its gaping lack of information from myself as the affected party but also in its bias as I WAS NOT AFFORDED MY CHANCE TO RESPOND SUBSTANTIVELY. No reporter from your publication contacted me regarding an article implicating me in crimes. The contents of this Blog came from an Unlawful and a Biased Source Who Refused to Acknowledge Responsibility for their Actions by Hiding their Identity in the form of a Blog currently still active by a company who does not care about the South African Tourism Industry.

This Individual refers in the Blog about individuals that travelled to Thailand indicating that these people struggled because they were from Luthuli House.

I have requested from you that the said story in this Blog be DELETED AND DE-INDEXED FROM SEARCH ENGINES (E.G. GOOGLE).

I would like to believe a publication of such eminence cannot afford to commit such errors and that YOUR REPUTATION DEPENDS ON ITS ABILITY TO PROVIDE FACTUAL INFORMATION, PUBLISHED INFORMATION MUST BE CORRECT.

Until up to date I have not received any Reply and/or Answer to my letter regarding the above from The Hated Blog. It is very Disgraceful for WordPress as an Online Media Publisher to Attack me and my Legitimate and Legal companies without any form of Notification to me before publication in order to get their Facts Straight.

I refused to become a part of Corruption at the time in South Africa to which I was subjected to Fake and False Allegations fuelled by False, Misleading and Damaging Publications, such as the above article from WordPress which was created with Hidden Agenda by those members responsible for destroying my Good Name and my Good Company due to Jealousy in my Success in the South African Tourism Industry.

I am now in the process of moving forward with Legal Action against WordPress and I trust and respect the South African Judicial Process however if need be, I am ready to take the matter Internationally.


When the South African Government under the Strong Leadership of his Presidency Cyril Ramaphosa and all his new cabinet ministers and officials, started to clean South Africa of all the Corruption, specifically the Travel and Tourism Industry: Where was The Hated Blog articles and publications regarding All those Tour Operators and Travel Agencies that Collapsed due to their Illegal and Corrupt business in South Africa?

I would like to announce one of our latest achievements in becoming a member with the African Tourism Board (ATB) in South Africa as a Highly Respected and Trustworthy Association in Africa which is the Only Association that can be TRUSTED IN THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.

We are also very Proud Members of the below Worldwide Associations:

  1. ITAP (International Tourism Association of Professionals) (Unites States of America)

    2. ETOA (European Tourism Association) (United Kingdom)

    3. ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) (United Kingdom)

    4. SKAL (Skal International) (Spain)

    5. Silver Travel Advisor (United Kingdom)

    6. Travel Massive (United Kingdom)

On a Personal Note: As I am a Legal and Legitimate International Investor backed by my overseas organizations from Egypt, with over 71 years’ experience in the Travel Industry Worldwide, I can without a doubt assure the South African Public and Tourism Industry, that I will Never get nor have I Ever been Involved in Corruption and I will continue to Fight any Corruption that might occur in the South African Tourism Industry, because it is my belief distilled in me through my Family Heritage and Culture to Always be Honest, Loyal and Trustworthy.

We as a company have a very strong financial backing on an international level supported by many organizations worldwide in order to Protect All our customers and can Assure the South African public that our name will stand for many years to come.

I will continue to offer the South African public our utmost best Service and to Deliver our utmost best Prices for All our Packages.

From the bottom of my heart I will endeavour to achieve Customer Satisfaction with New Experiences through Now You Can Say You Have Been On Holiday!

Should you wish to contact me, kindly feel free to do so directly on CEO@AMWHolidaysWorldwide.co.za

Thank you kindly for all your ongoing support.

Ahmed Talaat

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group President & CEO

Phone: +27 (11) 681 6417

Email: Ahmed@AhmedTalaat.co.za