Mr. Ahmed Talaat, the President and CEO for AMW Holidays Worldwide Group joined the Minister of Tourism, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on Thursday, 1st October 2020 along with the German Ambassador to South Africa, Dr. Martin Schäfer, welcoming the first arrivals to O.R. Tambo International Airport along with 31 Flights, as AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is the leader for the Travel and Tourism Industry in the Republic of South Africa supported by 5 companies under the AMW Holidays Worldwide Group Umbrella namely, Land of Civilizations Tours, Mount Sinai Tours, Egyptian Investment Group, AMW Visa Services and AMW Travel Insurance.

Mr. Ahmed Talaat confirmed on this day, to the public through Newzroom Afrika during the television broadcast, that South Africa is a safe destination especially now that the summer season is starting in South Africa, knowing how the South African Government handled the COVID-19 pandemic with such professionalism.

Mr. Ahmed Talaat was requested to increase the Travel and Tourism Industry in South Africa by ‘Encouraging the International Traveller’ to come to South Africa through Outbound Travel to South Africa.  Mr. Ahmed Talaat along with AMW Holidays Worldwide Group and their supporting subsidiary companies acknowledged this prestigious request and confirmed that we would be more than happy to assist with All Inbound and Outbound International Travel to and from South Africa.

Mr. Ahmed Talaat also announced that AMW Holidays Worldwide Group will take on the responsibility of any travellers who travel through AMW Holidays Worldwide Group, who experiences any Medical and/or Health issues brought about by the Coronavirus Pandemic including any Quarantine imposed on their travellers or even if the traveller has to return to their own country.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is the Only Tour Operator in Africa, Europe and Asia to announce to the world that they are prepared to take on this challenge and succeed full heartedly in keeping their travellers safe and secure not only during the Coronavirus Pandemic but also moving forward into the future.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group will only accept 200,000 travellers per destination, for both Inbound and Outbound, such as Egypt, Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand and all other worldwide destinations, to ensure each and every traveller’s safety during the Coronavirus Pandemic until such time as the Vaccine is widely available worldwide.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is very proud to impress upon the public just how committed they are to safety of all their travellers, such an example was made very clear when AMW Holidays Worldwide Group travellers returned back to South Africa safely and at no extra cost to them when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world.

Another such fact is when AMW Holidays Worldwide Group travellers were expecting to travel when the COVID-19 hit South Africa and the lockdown began with the closure of all international flights and borders in the country.  AMW Holidays Worldwide Group gave all their travellers a full refund with no penalties or additional charges, because Mr. Ahmed Talaat is committed to providing the best and honest service to all AMW Holidays Worldwide Group travellers, this will continue to remain the norm, should South Africa slide backwards into another lockdown now that the summer season is upon all South Africans.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group, until up to date, even through the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, did not close their offices.  All employees continued to work from their home’s during this time and not any of AMW Holidays Worldwide Group’s employees were retrenched or had to suffer during the lockdown because Mr. Ahmed Talaat is a family man himself, having been stuck in South Africa, away from his own family in Egypt, he treats all his employees and travellers as though we are all a part of his family.

Mr. Ahmed Talaat is an Egyptian Investor who invests in South Africa and founded AMW Holidays Worldwide Group in 2012 along with 5 supporting companies, looking to provide the best possible service to the South African public at the best possible prices.

Due to Mr. Ahmed Talaat’s extensive knowledge and expertise along with over 71 years family experience and international backing for the Travel and Tourism Industry, AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is here to stay in South Africa and we all look forward to a long and prosperous future together.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group would like to congratulate South Africa for opening their International Airports and will strive to keep their promise in generating a prosperous future for the Travel and Tourism Industry within the Republic of South Africa.