AMW Holidays Worldwide Group as leaders for the travel industry in the Republic of South Africa is Financially Secure and has not been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic due to the fact that AMW Holidays Worldwide Group boasts a very strong financial plan which covers the crisis the world faces at the moment and going forward into the near future.

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group has not retrenched any of their employees ensuring that all our clients can travel during this time leading to customer satisfaction in all areas of their travel arrangements. AMW Holidays Worldwide Group understands and feels the uncertainty and difficulties for all its competitor’s in the Republic of South Africa by offering any assistance required to maintaining a healthy and growing economic structure for the Republic of South Africa and the tourism industry.

Roxy Gonsalves, Business Leader – Recruitment, Internal Communications and Corporate Responsibility at Flight Centre Travel Group Johannesburg Area, South Africa, posted a message via LinkedIn on 29th May 2020 detailing the below message:

“Due to COVID19, Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa has unfortunately needed to rightsize and reshape our company. Consequently, this has seen many great people retrenched through the process. We are known for our authentic culture with people who are highly passionate and skilled, with vast experience ranging from retail sales to corporate sales to customer account management.

Furthermore, we also have areas of support functions such as Technology, Marketing, Product and Finance, which could be beneficial. We call on you or companies who are looking for people to reach out. Please DM us with you / your company details so we can share with our affected people, and hopefully find them alternative employment.”

AMW Holidays Worldwide Group, in response to the above post, we offered to become a partner for Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa, or to purchase Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa by supplying all Legal and Financial documentation proving that AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is a financially secure, a legitimate company and wants to help the South African job market by providing a permanent solution to all struggling tour operators and travel agents.

On 08th June 2020, Roxy Gonsalves declined AMW Holidays Worldwide Group’s support in our offers saying via email:

“Sorry, I think there has been some misunderstanding. My post on LinkedIn was around our affected employees and possible positions for


I, Mr. Ahmed Talaat as President & CEO of AMW Holidays Worldwide Group responded on

13th June 2020 with the below email:

“I apologise for the misunderstanding if you by any chance require a partner in the future, kindly don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always available to assist where I can.”

Considering the above, AMW Holidays Worldwide Group is committed to helping any tour operator or travel agent that are currently faced with any financial difficulties caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In July 2013 I assisted a company called Travel Zone with Director Mrs Delene Susanna Brown, who were unable to Fill their flight seats through Air Mauritius, in purchasing 30 seats and providing the full payment thereof by August 2013 in order to provide these seats to my clients at the time. My assistance with Travel Zone ended abruptly when I discovered that Travel Zone refused to give me the 30 seats, I had purchased for my clients who were ready to travel in December 2013. It was later revealed that Travel Zone was heavily indebted with numerous hidden overdraft facilities for many years until Travel Zone announced its subsequent Liquidation.

On a Personal Note: South Africa like the rest of the world is struggling through this very difficult time with the Coronavirus Pandemic, to which we are very proud and willing to assist any tour operator or travel agent struggling through this time, so kindly please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on

Thank you kindly for all your ongoing support.

Ahmed Talaat

President & CEO

Phone: +27 (11) 681 6417