Ahmed Talaat – President & CEO of AMW Holidays Worldwide Group

Ahmed Talaat


I am an Egyptian Investor from the Arab Republic of Egypt with South African partners. I have been working in the Travel Industry since 1988. My experience in the Travel Industry has been in my family for over 71 years. I worked for our family companies, gaining valuable experience and progressed to a senior management position until I was appointed the Chairman for Royal Elite Group Limited in Egypt, in which I was responsible for all our subsidiary companies worldwide.

I brought my experience and expertise to South Africa in 2002 as we are a Tour Operator Wholesaler for 20 other tour operators with the expertise from Royal Elite Group Limited in Egypt. Since 2002 until 2011, we have thrived in the industry and are very proud to acknowledge our success.

Due to the World Financial Crisis in 2009, we paid out to South African Tour Operators a huge sum to provide financial support and guidance in assisting their clients to travel abroad to prevent an economic travelling crisis utilizing our overseas partners. In July 2012 we decided to strengthen the South African Economy (The Tourism Industry) by opening our own Tour Operator in South Africa by starting AMW Holidays Worldwide Group, the umbrella company for all our South African based companies based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Our goal for Africa, starting with South Africa, is to grow Nationwide; currently, we house six companies with the expectation of expanding to 150 companies within the next five years.

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